Plastic bottle and can crushers

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Plastic bottle crusher

  • manual crusher for empty, non-returnable plastic bottles from approx. 0.5l – 2.0l.
  • crushes closed bottles
  • smaller bottles can be fed unpressed
  • 240l collection container

CompactC Can crusher with collection container

Beverage can crusher

  • manual crusher for empty beverage cans up to 500 ml
  • 120l collection container

Plastic bottles & beverage cans

  • Compact P combined with Compact C

for campsites, hotels, schools, universities, fast-food restaurants, kiosks, canteens, rest stops, on the beach, etc.

considerably higher intake capacity of the collection container

– reduced effort for emptying
– reduced storage space requirements
– reduced collection and logistics costs
– no service


The operation of CompactC is simple, intuitive and above all fast: open, insert, crush. The crushed cans fall directly into the collection container.


The protective shield opens and closes automatically with the movement of the lever.


Eye-catching design combined with excellent pressing results of up to 85% compaction.

Technical data

  • WxDxH 380x570x1030 mm
  • Max. Height: 1380 mm
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • 120l collection container

Can crusher

Manual Crusher
for beverage cans
up to 500ml

CompactC Can Crusher
Canette compactée et non-compactée

Crushes closed bottles

Compact P perforates every bottle. Therefore, it is possible to easily crush closed bottles. Perforated bottles can be pressed directly into bales in the subsequent recycling process.

Simple operation

Crushing plastic bottles with CompactP requires virtually no force. Operation is simple, intuitive and above all fast: open, insert, crush. The protective shield opens and closes automatically with the movement of the lever.

Technical data

  • WxDxH 550x650x1455 mm
  • Max. Height: 1710 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • 240l collection container

Plastic bottle crusher

Manual Crusher for PET bottles
from approx. 0.5-2.0l

Plastic bottle and can crushers that are fun to use.

Safe operation

Each of our crushers is equipped with a clever safety lock. The feed opening is automatically closed before the pressing process. Without additional hand movements.

Separate collection containers

An extra collection container is available for each material. This enables the sorted collection of recyclable materials. After all, the prerequisite for successful recycling is the prior sorting of the recyclables.

Advertising space

The front door of our collection bins can be used for advertising purposes. A good opportunity for refinancing Collect & Compact.

No need for electricity

The independence from the electricity grid opens up great freedom when setting up Collect & Compact. Not to mention that there are no running costs for electricity.

Suitable for outdoor use

We process weatherproof materials such as aluminium and stainless steel. At the end of the crushing process, Compact P and Compact C form a closed unit into which rain or snow cannot penetrate.

The side walls of our collection containers are made of recycled plastics. These are less UV-resistant than new plastics, but in line with our philosophy.

Sponsored by WIPANO

We are delighted to receive federal funding for our innovative Compact P product.

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