Manual PET compaction at the place of collection


   for a reasonable logistics


      for decentralized collection


         increases collection rates


Collect & Compact - Manual PET compaction system by TESWIC
Collect & Compact – Manual PET compaction system by TESWIC

Manual PET compaction with COLLECT & COMPACT


  • For PET bottles / plastic bottles from 0,5l to 2,0l
  • Compacts closed bottles
  • Compacts up to 400 bottles per hour


Manual PET compaction - compacted and uncompacted bottle
1,5l bottle after compaction




Characteristics that convince:


  • Perforates each bottle. This is perfect for the transport and pressing the bottles into bales.
  • Lockable housing in system design. The size of the housing can be adapted to the size of locally used waste containers. It may also be used with a plastic bag.
  • Suitable for outdoor use.




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Questions and answers about manual PET compaction with Collect & Compact


Which beverage packaging can I compact with Collect & Compact?


  • Single, empty, disposable PET bottles. It doesn’t matter whether the bottles fed are opened or closed. Up to a bottle diameter of 9 cm and a length of 35 cm (this corresponds in most cases to a 2.0l bottle) Collect & Compact will press each bottle.
  • Tetra Paks.


Where can I install Collect & Compact?


Collect & Compact can be set up practically everywhere:


  • At public collection points such as motorway service stations, stadiums, airports, railway stations, roads and beaches.
  • At the waste collection point of apartment buildings.
  • Mobile on trailers.


What are the requirements of Collect & Compact to the installation site?


  • There is no power connection required. The operator compacts the bottles individually by hand.
  • Collect & Compact is ideally suited for outdoor use as it is made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • A flat surface of approx. 2 m² is required.


What advantages does Collect & Compact offer the operator?


  • Collect & Compact is a decentralised collection system. It can be set up practically anywhere. People can dispose properly of their PET bottles even at places that do not offer shelter or electricity.
  • Experience shows that the collection rates increase when people have more possibilities to dispose of their bottles in a proper way.
  • The separate collection of PET bottles allows recycling in a targeted manner.
  • By compressing the bottles, everybody contributes to an improvement in logistics. The collection vehicle transports PET instead of air. Not to forget the decrease in collection drives.
  • Everybody can make his contribution to recycling and CO² reduction.


What advantages does Collect & Compact offer a waste disposal company?


  • Collect & Compact can be set up flexibly, as neither electricity nor a shelter is required. It allows a decentralised collection which is known to increase the collection quota.
  • By compressing bottles during insertion, emptying intervals of the container are extended. In ideal circumstances they are doubled.
  • Collect & Compact perforates every single bottle. A refuse collection vehicle which is equipped with a compactor can compress the collected bottles even further and thus increase its loading capacity. The profitability of transports is improved.
  • The perforated bottles can be fed directly into a channel baling press. The production step of perforation is not applicable.
  • Manual PET compaction contributes to meeting EU requirements.


Which collection containers can I use with Collect & Compact?


  • Due to the special design of the housing, it can be easily adapted to local waste container sizes.
  • Alternatively, a plastic bag can be hung into the housing.
  • The door of the housing is equipped with a security lock.


How can I clean Collect & Compact?


  • Made of high-quality stainless steel, both the press and the housing can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner.
  • Due to the special press technology, small volumes of residual liquid usually remain in the bottle. Only larger volumes drip down into the collection container.


Which application variants are available?


  • Collection housing, in which a standardised waste bin can be placed.
  • Collection housing with a collection plastic bag.
  • Attachment press for underground systems.




Technical data of Collect & Compact


Bottle diameter max.  90 mm
Bottle length. 150-350 mm
Mobile support for plastic bags of 120 l
Dimensions door W 480 x H 980 mm
Dimensions Machine D 825 x W 585 x H 1455 mm
Height max. H 1710 mm
Weight 47 kg