Like many other countries, the EU has targeted the limitation of the increasing plastic consumption. With regard to PET, the following measures to reduce the volume of plastic were adopted in May 2019:

  • A minimum rate of 90% for separate collection of plastic bottles by 2029 (77% by 2025)
  • PET bottles must consist of at least 25% recycled plastic material from 2025. This proportion is to be increased to 30% in all plastic bottles by 2030.
  • Not later than five years later the following rule is expected to enter into force: Lids of disposable PET bottles have to be firmly attached to the bottle.  Reason for this proposed rule is that plastic bottle lids make up most of the garbage found on beaches.
  • Manufacturers of plastic products will have to bear parts of the disposal costs that arise from their products. The aim here is to avoid the creation of plastic waste wherever possible.

Why should we compact PET bottles at the point of collection?