… from the point of view of our environment

  • the space requirement of a compressed PET bottle is significantly less than before. The transport of used PET bottles will be more profitable, the number of pickups can be reduced. That means less CO² emissions.
  • The more often the consumer is able to dispose of his waste properly, the higher will be the collection rates. Since Collect & Compact can be used virtually anywhere, plastic bottles can now be collected logistically correctly in many additional locations. And higher collection rates are the basis for higher recycling rates.

… from the point of view of the end user

  • by compressing used PET bottles directly at the point of collection, the volume of each bottle is significantly reduced. The space required for the collection of empty bottles is also reduced. Not to forget our contribution to less CO² emissions.

… from the point of view of the recycling company

the compaction of used PET bottles directly at the collection point holds many advantages for the disposal company:

  • reduced number of pickups with – at the same time
  • improved truck loading
  • a PET bottle that has been compacted with Collect&Compact has in any case been opened and does not need to be perforated before compaction into bales. This saves a complete step in the downstream process and therefore time and costs.

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